Saturday, October 17, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 14Oct2015: Suited down


Last Wednesday was one of those days where I felt like dressing up -- well, just a wee bit. Like I've mentioned many times before on this blog, guys in suits are an uncommon sight where I work. I know, how sad.

So in those instances where I feel like putting on one, chances are I end up dressing it down, like this time when I paired a double-breasted pinstripe jacket with colored chinos and a plain pullover. There was also an instance where I decided to wear a full-on suit but simply wore a plain colored tee underneath the jacket. Yeah, a suit paired with a plain t-shirt -- and silver sneakers! Why not?


The suit isn't a really formal one to begin with, and this is stressed by the jacket's elbow patches. Keeping it casual, therefore, isn't necessarily much of a stretch. I have to admit that the pants are a bit ill-fitting because I'm currently between sizes. That said, I really need to take them to the tailor for alterations.

Blue was the color of the day, with which brown shoes always look good. I played with a lighter shade of brown here, though. Now for an ounce of flash, I picked a red pullover, which just pops out from all this blue. My mistake, however, was that I kept the pullover untucked. Because it's banded, there's this annoying slight puff at the bottom when the jacket's on.

On second thought, I'm not really sure if tucking the pullover in would look good. I'm just imagining it and I haven't tried it at all. Meanwhile, I also wore red socks. Boom!


I also got something in the mail that day from Great Value Plus: a stylish but inexpensive watch. Ah, the joy of cheap thrills! It looks right in place with my outfit, doesn't it?

Anyway, happy weekend!
Suit and socks (H&M); pullover (Topman); shoes (Zara Man); watch (New York Army, available at 

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