Thursday, January 7, 2016

LOOKBOOK | The tourist


Forget about that debate on whether a person is a traveler or a tourist. Fine, I'm a tourist. While it certainly wasn't my first time here, it was my first in December where temperatures are much cooler. That in mind plus the anticipation over a whole day of walking led me to come up with this outfit.


I started the day with a collared sweatshirt from the Uniqlo x Lemaire collab, paired with some joggers with contrast cuffs. The sweatshirt kept me warm enough throughout the day. I do love the design but I don't think I can put this on as often back here in the Philippines--unless maybe I'll be in the office all day.

Since I was expecting a great deal of walking, I wore this pair of lightweight high-cut shoes from Native. Such comfy footwear; I love them!

Meanwhile the coat I've been lugging around all day came in handy because it became a little too chilly for comfort as night fell, exacerbated by the wind blowing along the harbor front. It's a short coat with a slim silhouette--and quite heavy, too. And as is the case with double-breasted jackets, you never fasten the bottommost button. But I also leave all buttons unfastened at times.


Oh yes, I did the tourist thing even if it wasn't my first time along Victoria Harbour. I simply never tire of this view. The reason for it being one of the best skylines in the world (if not the best) is plainly obvious. And then it was time to cap the day off atop one of Hong Kong's many rooftop bars and restaurants. Amazing city indeed!


Here's to a fashionable 2016, everyone! Cheers!
Sweater (Uniqlo x Lemaire); joggers (Forever 21); coat (H&M); shoes (Native Shoes).


  1. great pics :)love to be a tourist as well :)) happy new year!

    1. thank you. happy new year to you as well!


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