Monday, February 8, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Camo coordinates

halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 01

I suppose I needed the sunshine to wake me up. Although already showered and dressed up for work on a casual Friday, I was still sleepy.

I managed to get through the day, though, and elicited a lot of attention with my outfit. A rather bold choice, wearing matching shirt and pants isn't exactly a common practice among us guys. But the idea appealed to me, especially after trying it already while on vacation last December where, incidentally, it was also a camo coordinated set that I wore.

While that matching camo sweatshirt and joggers outfit was in a desert camo print, you can very well say that this is Camo on Camo Part 2. The print this time, though, is in a darker, jungle pattern with some blue thrown into the mix.

halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 02
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 03
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 04
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 05

In another move to support local, I got this set from a brand called Garrison. It's been a while since I made that purchase but like a lot of other stuff that I buy, they've just been hiding in my closet, waiting for the right time to be worn. I guess the fact that Garrison has just released its new collection somehow forced me to finally wear it already. This set is even on sale now!

Camo, or camouflage, as the name suggests, is meant to conceal oneself by blending in his surroundings. While that works for military personnel in the fields or in the jungle, ironically it makes you stand out in an urban setting.

Because my getup is already quite loud, I had to wear something dark for footwear. I thought dark green would be perfect. They're from another local brand called Mr. Finch Shoes, which specializes in topsider-style footwear. For accessories, I strapped on my Pebble Time Steel and wore a bracelet from Stone Nomad, yet another local brand. You really discover a lot on Instagram, I tell you.

halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 06
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 07
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 08
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 09
halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 10

So, do you think my #ootd is cool or cringe-worthy?
Camo short-sleeved shirt and joggers (Garrison); shoes (Mr. Finch Shoes); watch (Pebble Time Steel); bracelet (Stone Nomad).

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