Sunday, April 8, 2018

LOOKBOOK | A splattering of black

halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 01

That's Teacup, one of our six--yes, six!--cats (cue: that "I have six cats" song). Both he and my shoes are splattered with black paint.

halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 02

Was in the mood here for an all-black ensemble but no, I had to break it. Now it looks like all the black from my Justice League tee and jeans are dripping onto my white boots.

Honestly these black and white boots are a bit hard to wear. Not literally of course because you simply put them on, that's how you wear them, but it's not very easy finding stuff in my closet that goes well with them. But they're cute, so I have to endure.

And to further break the monochrome, I occasionally put on a powder blue leather jacket when it gets a little too cold for comfort in the office.

halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 03
halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 04
halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 05

Have cats? How many?
T-shirt (from a cinema kiosk); jeans (Uniqlo); boots (Dr. Marten's); jacket (Zara Man).

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