Sunday, January 9, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, Jan. 3, 2011

I know of people who are into photo projects like Project 365. My officemate, Gay, is in fact on her third year already. On top of it, she now has Project Rainbow.

I've been poring over what photo project to commit to, considering I'm quite lazy. Even if I take pictures, it will take, like, forever before they get uploaded somewhere. And so before my first working day of the year ended, I thought of celebrating my love for fashion. Why not "document" my office getup every single work day of the year?

Project Vanity, Project Narcissism, Project Vainglory all sounded too negative (think Sue Sylvester wanting to marry herself). Project Look Book sounded a lot better. So Project Look Book it is!

New year, new clothes, although they were bought last year.

Shirt from Martin Box at Linea Italia (I have another one in blue!), Pants from Memo. Both were "accidents" as I call them, meaning, unplanned purchases. The shirt I got on Christmas while looking for a laptop sleeve for My Bibe's HP Mini (ang layo sa sadya!), and the pants from my The Block-Trinoma trip after our outreach in November.

The tie I just got from SM, tie clip from Tieline on the same Trinoma trip.

Had these brown lace-ups for a while now. From Aldo.

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