Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our team won last night in our department's mini bowling tourney! It was unexpected to say the least since we were in the last two lanes and no one seemed to care much about us. We were just having a good time, eating pizza, fries, and tuna sisig, and then it was announced that we were advancing to the championship round. To top it off, the MVP -- the player with the highest total pin falls -- was also from our team. I was second. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, today I'm wearing a shirt from Merger paired with black dress pants from Zara. With its super-undersized collar, the shirt was really made to be worn with a bow tie, so I wore one from Tieline. The pants, by the way, are black. They just look brown because of the color of the glass window at the office.


The belt is also from Merger, and the shoes, Aldo.

Manila Old Domestic Airport: here to stay

I never liked the old Domestic Airport - everything about it from the structure, the facilities, the food stalls, the people, etc. So when NAIA Terminal 3 finally opened and Cebu Pacific and AirPhil Express moved to the new facility, I thought I'd see the end of the old lady. I was wrong.

My Bibe and I flew Seair to Boracay recently and the designated terminal was the old airport. I was surprised they renovated! Obviously I haven't been there long enough to see this only now. The flooring was replaced, the restrooms were given a facelift (with high speed hand dryer to boot), a prayer room was put up, screens (but very small!) showing flight statuses were installed, and more.


Yet it still felt like the old airport. For one, our lighters still got confiscated at the pre-departure inspection. I really don't understand this since this never happened to us at Terminals 2 and 3. And it doesn't help when they say that disposable lighters are not allowed, only the fancier ones. WTF?!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, May 30, 2011

Jeans on a Monday? Uhuh. Well, we're playing bowling later with everyone in the department, and we were allowed to wear jeans provided we didn't have any meetings.


Might I say I look thin in the photo above? Must be the Pringles and DQ over the weekend. But I'm definitely not complaining.


Despite the license to wear jeans, though, I didn't want to go all out on a typical Friday look. In a feeble attempt to dress things up a bit, I wore a polo shirt from Concepts1One by Giordano. I like it in the sense that it's dressier than most polos. It also sports an undersized collar with buttonholes.

Smoking ban: will it work?

Today the MMDA-led metro-wide smoking ban takes effect. It's supposedly part of a campaign to protect Filipinos from secondhand smoke. So where exactly is smoking prohibited?

- Bus terminals (Couldn't agree more. But how about jeepney, shuttle, and tricycle terminals?)
- Waiting sheds (Manang Yosi, you should now look for some place else to make a living.)
- Schools (How about outside school?)
- Hospitals (Why, do people smoke in hospitals?)
- Recreational places (What exactly are recreational places? It's too generic.)
- Inside public utility vehicles (But this has long been in effect in Cebu! But I definitely agree.)
- Government buildings (Yeah, right. Lead the way.)

I haven't read the law, ordinance, or whatever it is (is there actually any at all?) but what the MMDA has failed to indicate is where now can smokers light up a joint. Penalties, I've read, include fines and community service but will only take effect in July. MMDA "environmental enforcers" will first issue warnings to violators. But whether verbal, written, or electronic, I don't think it was specified.

Anyway, now the MMDA has "environmental enforcers?" Wow! With the agency's dubious track record, I don't think they'll succeed in implementing this. Maybe for the first few weeks, yes. But in the long run, no. Just look at our streets: bus drivers are as boldly reckless as ever. The same holds true for jeepney, taxi, and tricycle drivers. Why do I have a feeling that they only target drivers of privately owned vehicles?

I understand the MMDA's intentions but geez, the government couldn't even get the tobacco companies to carry bolder health warnings on their packaging! Well, they tried but yet again, failed. Why can't they show some teeth like our other Asian neighbors do? Look at what Thailand did:

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something unexpected from Cebu Pacific

I've been reading some status updates and comments about Philippine Airlines lately. And they're not on the positive side. My Bibe also had similar experiences with them lately. Then I suddenly remembered a month-old experience with rival airline Cebu Pacific, something that made me smile.


It happened during our trip to Coron last month. Our flight was delayed for more than two hours, and they offered waiting passengers cup noodles. We passed on the gesture, found some place else to eat and while away time. Cebu Pacific has undoubtedly shaken the local airline industry with its Piso fares and endless sales, bold fleet upgrades and more. Today they are the largest in the country.

But with the aggressive expansion and business model shift came flights that were delayed, canceled, and overbooked. Worse, it seemed like they were incapable of handling such incidents. I've read a lot of blogs and comments then, one of which was about a canceled Caticlan-Manila flight. The ground crew could not put them on the next flight because it was also fully booked. And to add insult to injury, they had no provisions for both food and accommodation for the stranded passengers. With PAL, I've experienced being booked at Sheraton Hotel after a flight couldn't land due to zero visibility. So I was scared to fly Cebu Pacific at the time.

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Lessons from Mara Clara

What its home network branded as "Ang Ina ng Pinoy Teleserye," Mara Clara is now on the homestretch, with its finale slated on June 3. I'm happy they're ending it while it's still on top -- and consistently so! Okay, so the story may have dragged in some episodes but overall, the remake was still fast-paced, especially when compared to the 90's original.


Going back, I thought of sharing with you some of the lessons I've learned from sporadically watching Mara Clara. This is not a countdown but a random list. Here goes...

1. Never enter into a relationship with someone you do not really love (especially if that someone isn't good-looking at all). Do you really think Alvira was in love with venom-spewing villain Gary back in their college days? She may have realized this later on, which is probably why she broke up with Gary. But the guy turned out to be an obsessive, delusional psycho who was hell-bent on winning her back -- through all those years! Hence, Alvira is to blame for all this mess, not Gary.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Reynolds, and Bradley Cooper covering June 2011 men's mag issues

I just got my copy of the June issue of GQ earlier. Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood fame is on the cover. I don't know much of him, though. There's also a spread on what to wear to a wedding featuring Glee's Darren Criss, and Kim Kardashian's latest squeeze modeling a slew of swimsuit must-haves.


I didn't buy Details but Ryan Reynolds is on the cover. I hope Green Lantern is as good as the trailer promises it to be.


I don't buy Esquire mainly because I find it boring. Maybe I'm just too accustomed to GQ. But Bradley Cooper is on the cover and he looks sharp in that suit. More so, it's a bit raunchy with those ladies's hands reaching for him.

[Project Look Book] Friday, May 27, 2011

Something's peering from inside my boots...


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thumbs up! But what for, I really don't know. Maybe for Scotty winning American Idol. Not that he was my favorite of the bunch but because he was my favorite of the two. His deep country voice amuses me so much.


So a typhoon is coming but we're still on watch if it will actually hit the Philippines. Today it was very sunny, though, perfect timing for this short-sleeved shirt from Rajo Laurel for Wharton. The shirt actually came with a bow tie of the same pattern but I opted for contrast with this clip-on from Tieline. About the weather, I just don't know if it's gonna rain again later as was the pattern three days in a row.


Pants (G2000); shoes (Aldo); wristwatch (Kenneth Cole Reaction).

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today we were playing with my officemate's new reflector and we tried shooting against the light with no flash and with only the reflector to augment the lack of well, light.


Other than that it was a pretty lazy day for me in terms of picking today's outfit. I basically just plucked this Giordano pullover from my closet, put on these gray Topman pants, and almost fell prey again to slipping on another pair of black shoes. And then I thought of this pair that I've only worn once so far this year. I got it from now-closed Theodore's.


Good thing it did rain today and skies were overcast for the most part. Otherwise, my pullover would have been totally out of place in the summer.

"Pirates" of Boracay

On my last trip to Boracay, I was inexplicably too lazy to pick up my camera and snap pictures. Maybe because Boracay has become oh so familiar to me already or I was too preoccupied with my tanning. Well that changed when I booked us a paraw ride. I couldn't stop taking photos.


I've been to the island many times already but I have to admit it was my first time on a paraw. Such a shame since these outrigger sailboats have long been littering the Boracay seascape as far as I can remember. I did a little research and called up Red Pirates. They were located in Angol, on the far end of Station 3. They had a bar and some tables and chairs on the beach interspersed with foliage. For a moment I actually forgot we were in Boracay. It felt like we were in some remote beach that was still largely undeveloped.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Busuanga Airport Management

Dear Busuanga Airport Management,

In case you haven't noticed, your airport is in such a dismal state. Yes, you may only charge us 20 pesos for terminal fee but I think even the most basic of facilities are wanting. Besides, other countries don't charge passengers any fee yet they have the best terminals around.

Can't you even afford a faucet and some running water?


You see, water is necessary in keeping your toilets clean. Look what happens when there's no water.

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the mood for black today. I went through my closet last night and found this shirt that I realized I haven't worn yet so far this year. It's from Mundo that I scored at The Ramp.


Don't you think the details of the shirt make me look like a moving target? Bullseye! Paired it with pants from Anthony Nocom at SM.


Shoes (Frank at Traffic); eyeglasses (Blue Soda).

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Monday, May 23, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday and I'm on the warpath with my ISP. So I've folded up my sleeves, ready to fight.


Shirt (Van Heusen); tie (Pierre Cardin); tie bar (Tieline); pants (Sahara at SM); shoes (Aldo).

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Friday, May 20, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, May 20, 2011

I went all out with color for my outfit today. I actually chose the Zara rust-colored jeans first then searched through my closet for something to pair it with. I went through a button-down and various shirts with safe colors before I settled for this lovely green polo from G2000. I though it was a perfect match.


For footwear, I had to tone it down a notch with these light brown and white espadrilles. I thought it would be too much if something else tried to challenge the loud colors of the polo and jeans.


While choosing which photos to post, I suddenly realized something amusing. My outfit perfectly resembled the colors of:

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

All the essentials at The Tides Essential room

Last month I was hunting for deals that would allow us to enjoy another beach getaway in May. I wasn't really worried about the hotel because it's fairly easy to find an affordable one in Boracay. My problem was the airfare because I wanted to hold back a bit on spending for another upcoming trip.

Then I found a sweet deal in Tides Temptation, a package that includes a 3D/2N stay in an Essential room with buffet breakfast at The Tides, round-trip airfare via Seair, and round-trip Caticlan land and boat transfers and fees. Definitely not bad for Php 11,990/pax on a twin or triple sharing basis. Rates are lower on quadruple occupancy and if you book on weekdays.

I've shown you around The Tides, Boracay in a previous post but I haven't let you in our room just yet. So here goes...

The Essential room pretty much has all the essentials crammed in a small space. But hey, if you want more space, then get their Exceptional room. The two queen-sized beds, as seen below, smartly fills up the space from wall to wall.


Within three feet from the foot of your bed is the cabinet, personal fridge, and TV. It's a weird TV, though.

[Project Look Book] Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last night it rained so hard with accompanying thunder and glorious lightning. But this morning, it seemed like no such thing happened because the sun was beating down mightily and needless to say, it was so hot! Good thing I didn't give in last night to the temptation of planning today's outfit around a rainy weather.


The checkered shirt is from 5cm, paired with black pants from Sahara at SM, and finished off with a bow tie from Tieline/Merger.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was scheduled today for my annual physical exam. So I thought of wearing something that won't be much of a hassle while going through the rounds of tests. And what could be more convenient than a short-sleeved shirt? It's easy enough to unbutton then put back on as I progress through the ECG, ultrasound, and x-ray stations. No need for folding up sleeves during blood extraction either.


I actually forgot where I got this shirt. I just know it's been with me for very long time already. The pants are from Topman, shoes from Traffic, timepiece from Aldo.

And once again I'm inside looking out, just like yesterday.

[Daily Doodle] May 18, 2011

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tides: charming and cutesy

With the multitude of hotels in Boracay, it would be close to impossible to try every single one of them. For our short weekend getaway, we tried The Tides for the first time. Nestled within Boracay's D' Mall, the hotel has been around for quite some time already. Overall it was a nice experience for us. Let me start with the hotel itself and its facilities; I'll save our room for another post.


Our "Tides" experience started with a minor glitch. Despite me reconfirming my booking the day before, there was no one to welcome us at the Caticlan airport. An airport staff was kind enough to ask us where we were booked so she radioed the Tides staff who was already preparing to leave. Based on the list he was given, he was only expecting two arrivals. Apparently, there was some inefficiency with their reservations team and/or maybe their front desk.

But everything went on smoothly until we reached the hotel. He was a one-man show, by the way. He was there at the airport, rode with us in the van to the Caticlan jetty port, carried our luggage, took care of our boat tickets, terminal and environmental fees, rode with us on the boat to Boracay, then drove us from the jetty port to The Tides. Yes, he was also the driver. What a multitasker he was!


It was an open-air lobby at The Tides. As expected, our room wasn't ready yet because standard check-in time is 2PM and we were already there before 8AM. But the lady at the reception was such a slowpoke. She just told us to sit first without even telling us what to expect, or until what time we should wait, or suggest what we could do in the meantime. I had to ask her before we decided to have breakfast and later proceeded with swimming and beach-bumming. But if it's any consolation, I loved their lemon and ginger concoction of a welcome drink. I wanted more.

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the mood for blue today. Or maybe I was just looking for something that's not that difficult to iron last night. But whatever.


I know I've already worn this shirt before so I searched my blog for that Look Book post where it was first shown. Only then did I realize that I was also wearing the same bow tie as now. The differences lie in the pants, belt, and shoes, though. But still, I feel like it's always the top that gets noticed more, and that all the other differences mentioned are easily drowned by the similarities.


Shirt (Topman); gray pinstriped pants (from Bangkok); bow tie (Tieline); belt (Hickok at SM); brown lace-ups (Aldo).

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Monday, May 16, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a new work week but my mind is still on vacation mode. I think there are some glitches in me that prevent me from switching modes automatically. Maybe it's the color of my skin that has so willingly been kissed by the Boracay sun.


If the colors of my skin and my outfit today were words, they definitely rhyme! Today I wore a striped shirt from Paul Smith, light brown pants from SM Department Store, and shoes from Pedro. And this is how I look standing, by the way (not very happy):

[Daily Doodle] May 16, 2011

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Project Look Book - Boracay Weekend] Saturday, May 14, 2011

The weather was just perfect over the weekend at Boracay. A dark cloud that brought a few showers passed us by on our first day, and then it was all sun. The next day I woke up to see rain and overcast skies. Thankfully after breakfast, the sun showed up and ruled mightily for the rest of the day.


We welcomed the sun at Solstice, The Tides's rooftop bar. Here I'm wearing a distressed shirt I got from Ko Phi-Phi in Thailand, which I already featured in a previous post (see here). In that post, though, I forgot to have a shot showing the back of the shirt. This time around I also forgot but I unintentionally had this shot taken. I don't know, I always forget about that huge tiger on my back.


When it was time to hit the beach, I ditched the shirt and went for a tanktop from Penshoppe.

[Project Look Book - Boracay Weekend] Friday, May 13, 2011

Just came back from a short stay in Boracay. I defied all bad luck by traveling on Friday the 13th. And you know what, everything was all good! Anyway, this is the first of two supplementary Look Book posts to make up for my absence at the office last Friday.


I got these light blue swim shorts from Speedo a week before our trip. Was supposed to get it in yellow but they didn't have it in my size. Wore a dark blue sleeveless crew from Bench to highlight the brightness of the shorts, and a straw hat I got last year from Zara.


But of course, cheap shades from i2i! I wrote in a previous post that I don't wear or intend to wear expensive sunglasses to the beach. True enough, this one got scratched when I wiped the lens with my sarong that had sand in it.

[Daily Doodle] May 15, 2011

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