Monday, July 11, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, July 11, 2011

Much like those angry birds, I've been a very angry half-white boy since yesterday. Well, not all throughout but most of the time. There's just a lot of things that seem to provoke me, from my internet connection, to the cats making a mess, to traffic, to the cap of my tumbler that went missing, etc. Anyway, I'm okay now. Well I should be because My Bibe and I are going out tonight for a simple dinner somewhere. It's our sixth anniversary (yay!).

It's a pretty simple outfit for today but I love the color. I mean the shirt, which is Tyler, a local brand that I like a lot. I find the collar quite unusual, or at least it's not something I see often. The cuffs are also quite odd, including the way the shoulders are cut. I just realized that last one while ironing the shirt last night although I completely forgot about it today so I missed on photographing them. Maybe the next time I wear it I'll show you.


The suit's from Merger and the shoes are Aldo.


  1. You look so stylish, love the color of your shirt!



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