Friday, March 16, 2012

[Lookbook 03.16.2012] My dismal attempt at 'Noynoying'

In the same stupid mold as planking, owling and Tebowing, now comes "Noynoying," an irreverent jab at the Philippine president's supposed laziness and inaction. A play on his nickname NoynoyNoynoying enjoys a variety of poses that depict his not doing anything but is mostly characterized by a slouchy posture, a dead stare with mouth agape, or a hand supporting one side of the face (best if you can drool!).

Well, I tried Noynoying for this lookbook post but the photos didn't quite turn out as what I'd wanted them to be. I kinda suck at it, to be honest. Guess I need more practice.


Eventually I bailed out and defaulted to my usual lookbook poses. It's Friday and I was enjoying the sunny vibe of my outfit.


I've had these orange jeans for maybe a year now, and despite the perceived difficulty in finding something to go with it because of the color, it's actually quite versatile. I've worn everything from pink to brown, red and even multicolored stripes with it. Today I went with blue.


It's quite a busy tee with a lot going on, but I still think it works perfectly with the colored jeans. I would have instinctively gone with something brown for footwear but I thought I needed to be a tad more adventurous; hence, the red-white-and-blue boat shoes. I also picked a white belt and a white watch to match.


Now I have to get back to practicing Noynoying.
T-shirt (Piolo Pascual for Bench); colored jeans (Zara); fabric boat shoes (Topman); belt (from Bangkok); watch (bought from a seller on


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