Friday, October 10, 2014

[Lookbook 10.09.2014] Color-taming


Despite all the deadlines and the gazillion more things to do, it's fun times at work this week as our HR is holding a wellness fair for us with a particular focus on style. Dubbed #OurSmartStyle, the week-long event features booths from various partners like Robinsons Dept. Store, Belo Medical Group, Fitness First, G2000, Basic House, and more. There's everything from discounted apparel and fragrances to free hair and makeup.

So my colleagues and I checked out the photobooth at the lobby. But since 4 shots and 1 print clearly ain't enough, we also brought our own camera. And of course I got some shots for this outfit post.


The starting piece of my outfit here are these purplish pink trousers. I was going for a more casual look so I thought of a cardigan and a plain t-shirt underneath. While a white tee would be perfect with the blue cardi, it was just too safe and I wanted some color. I already paired this blue cardigan with a pink shirt before and this time I experimented with a bright pastel orange number.

The cardi effectively tames all the color that I'm wearing here, so it's not too loud. For footwear I just picked up these brown monk-strap brogues. Black shoes would be fine but I reckon the contrast would be too harsh given the colors here. Brown just kind of makes the transition a lot smoother in my opinion. The belt's brown, too.


And oh yeah, I forgot I still have one more colorful surprise: orange socks! And they're not just orange socks because there's a face on each one. Sometimes it's just nice to inject a little quirk into your outfit.


Colorful lights aside, this was how I looked in normal daylight:


Weekend's here already! Have fun.
Colored V-neck tee (Bench); colored pants and cardigan (both Uniqlo); socks (Billy Berg at Urban Outfitters); shoes (Zara Man).


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